Road Rules


Road Rule 1(a) – Above all else, respect the small town!

The back road driver is burdened with several responsibilities, but by far the most important pertains to passage through the small town. If you are at all like me, these little communities (some in better repair than others, but each as fascinating as all the rest) are the heart and soul of the journey. As such, they are deserving of the utmost respect.

SLOW DOWN!! Keep in mind: this is not your town. It belongs to the people who live there, and they are gracious enough to welcome us, the postmodern gypsies, into their space, however briefly we may occupy it. Obey the posted speed limits, no matter how pokey they may seem. The townsfolk likely have a good reason for posted speeds, and even if they don’t, it’s their town, so deal with it. And whatever you do, watch out for school zones. To me, this is a deal-breaker: anyone who fails to observe school zone limits deserves all the tickets they get, and then some…