The Candle Thief


Tammy and I spent the first three days of the new year at La Hacienda de Chimayó, in Chimayó, New Mexico, in celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary. One morning, I was out snapping photos of the local Eurasian magpie population. One of the staff came out to talk with me, and when I told him what I was doing, he told me an interesting story.

Apparently, the magpies (which are considered one of the most intelligent species of animal in the world) like to steal the candles out of the farolitos (for those of you who are not familiar, these are the little, candlelit paper bags that one sees lining the rooftops of houses during the Christmas season) and carry them off to points unknown.

Later, upon reviewing the photos I had taken that morning, I realized that, unbeknownst to me, I had captured exactly the theft my friend had described:





Happy travels,
and Happy New Year,
my friends!!


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