Brush with Greatness

So, last night Tammy and I were watching an old 2003 episode of QI, the BBC quiz show, when out of nowhere, while discussing airport luggage codes, Stephen Fry dropped this little bomb: the acronym for the municipal airport in Butler, Missouri is BUM.

Why is this significant? Well, mainly because, around the 6.15 minute mark, the host of a British TV show name-dropped our hometown. Which is amazing, because there are people who live thirty minutes away from Butler who never mention its name. What’s more, I’m guessing there are people in Butler who don’t know what the municipal airport’s luggage code is, or even that it has one. Until last night, I didn’t, and I’ve literally written a book about the place.

airportBreaking ground at the Butler Memorial Airport

So, cheers to Stephen for putting my home on the map. I loved him before, but now…

Did you ever know that you’re my hero…?

P.S. I realize that this isn’t really travel-related. Unless you want to visit Butler, which you totally should. We’ve got all kinds of stuff: the world’s smallest tombstone, the birthplace of Robert Heinlein, the first all-African American battle of the Civil War…I could go on. (And more on that later. Visit. NOW!!!)

Welcome to Butler

Happy travels, my friends!


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