Fair Dinkum


According to my blog’s tagline, life is my bucket list. No experience, no matter how big or small, dramatic or dull, is a wasted one. Nevertheless, I was a bit hesitant when my sister and brother-in-law suggested a trip to the Minnesota State Fair during my recent visit.

Why? Well, the last time I went to a state fair was in the mid-’80s, in Sedalia, Missouri, and that trip involved a PB&J sandwich that had been sitting in the sun all day, which was not very good going down and even worse coming back up. Needless to say, it’s not a pleasant memory. Thus my hesitation…

As it turned out, though, between the food and more of the food, it was well worth the risk. Kudos to Sara and Andy for pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Speaking of the food…

  1. Bacon on a stick (see picture above) at Big Fat Bacon. I am a bacon freak, and these folks could be my dealers. Note my niece staring at me from below; I love the kid, but it’s bacon…and Joey doesn’t share!!!
  2. Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar. For a mere $8, I purchased a small cone of what really amounted to fairly plain-Jane cookies, but for some reason, stuffed into a paper cone (a gravity-defying feat of culinary architecture) and consumed within view of Ferris wheels and carousels, they became quite exceptional little pastries. I did share these; eating half a pound of cookies by myself seemed unwise…
  3. And then there’s the deep-fried buckeyes on a stick.IMG_0280 If you’re not familiar with the buckeye, it’s basically a chocolate-covered peanut butter ball. Really, these weren’t for me: Tammy’s addicted to peanut butter, and since she wasn’t able to be there, of course I had to have some. After all, what’s marriage if you can’t taunt your spouse from time to time? Whatever you do, save these for last. You will need a nap…

However, by far the most gratifying aspect of the day was watching my nieces take it all in. Pretty much impossible not to have fun watching them have fun. There were the rides; IMG_0292there was Little Farmhands, which began with tractors and ended with a popsicle; and then…wonder of wonders!…the cotton candy!

For every child, the moment arrives, and today was theirs: from the time we got up that morning to the bus ride to the fairgrounds to a peppering of reminders interspersed throughout the stay, Aravis never let us forget that this was the day she would, for the first time, eat cotton candy.

IMG_0294Oh, the joy!!!

This is how you know you’re loved: on the bus ride back to our cars, a tiny hand emerged from its seat on the opposite side of her mother’s, clutching a gob of purple fuzz, half-melted and oh so sticky, accompanied by the message: “This is for Uncle Vance.”

And it was delicious!

IMG_0293Ducky travels, my friends!


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